12in Pocket Mattress-Twin - CL-E230P-R-F-GG

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  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_27
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_26
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_24
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_24
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_22
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_22
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_8
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_7
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_1
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-F-GG_2
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_21
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_16
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_14
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_14
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_9
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_5
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_5
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_2
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_4
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-K-GG_2
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_20
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_18
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_17
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_13
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_11
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_11
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_3
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_3
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_2
  • FLFCL-E230P-R-T-GG_1
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Twin mattress | twin bed size high density foam and pocket spring mattress in a box
get a comfortable night's sleep on this twin mattress filled with premium high-density foam.Designed to provide the restful sleep you and your family need, this foam mattress is constructed with ultra-supportive material that conforms to your body as you sleep.Extra cushioning cradles your body in every position, keeping your back, neck and shoulders more comfortable throughout the night.Our medium-firm twin mattress features individually wrapped pocket spring coils with the following properties and benefits: - reduce motion transfer to help you stay asleep.- allow airflow through the mattress, creating a cooler sleeping surface.- help minimize pressure points and back pain.- provide complete support by filling in the gaps of your sleeping form.- react independently, which minimizes movement and provides a more lightweight feel.With thick, 12-inch foam that supports your body by responding to your shape, weight and movement, this twin-size mattress is compatible with trundle beds, platform beds and adjustable bed frames.Feeling rested and ready to tackle the day begins with the right foam mattress.The top-quality construction of this high-density foam mattress ensures long-lasting use and its integrated handles make transportation effortless.Upgrade your sleeping experience with our twin-size, high-density foam mattress that achieves the ideal blend of comfort, support and durability.

  • twin mattress
  • made with high-density foam and pocket springs
  • mattress in a box style
  • high-density foam is 12" thick
  • pocket coils reduce motion transfer
  • perfect for twin size platform bed frames

  • Product Specifics: -
    Seat-Size: 39"W x 75"D x 11.75"H
    Back Size: 0
    Material: Fabric, Felt, Foam, Metal, Polyester
    Back Style: 0

    Warranty: 5 Year Limited (non moving metal parts) 2 yr Parts
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