The Anatomy of an Efficient Home Office Setup

The Anatomy of an Efficient Home Office Setup

Employees are working from home now, more than ever. With advanced technologies in place, companies and their staff can work simultaneously from different locations, including their homes. Now that we’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become all the more relevant, as large sections of the workforce are compelled to stay at home while working.

Soon, telecommuting may even become the preferred work arrangement for a vast majority, as it offers flexibility for employees and helps company operations to be more cost-effective. In fact, allowing remote work setups can save U.S. employers a whopping $30 billion per day and serves as a viable countermeasure against productivity losses amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Having essential office equipment and furniture translates directly to the remote employees’ productivity, which is why it’s important to invest in it for optimal efficiency. Without home office essentials, you’ll have a hard time transitioning to remote work, which is believed to be the new norm in today’s workplace.

Here’s an infographic to guide you in setting up an ideal home office to help you maintain your productivity even during these critical times.

Home Office Essentials

Working from home is one of the most common forms of remote work. Whether you’re working from home on certain days or all week long, you need to have a dedicated space that looks and feels just like a real office. A working home office setup should include these essential pieces of furniture and equipment:

1. Desktop computer or laptop

Your computer’s hardware and software should match the work that you do. For example, if your work requires mobility, a laptop may be a more suitable addition to your home office setup so that you can bring it with you anywhere, anytime.

2. High-speed internet access

Working from home or any other remote location requires uninterrupted access to the internet to enable you to search online, send or receive emails and direct messages, attend virtual meetings, and so on.

3. Work desk

Your desk is a significant part of the workstation, serving as the resting portion for your computer, mobile phone, personal organizer, books, and the like. There’s the traditional work desk, and there’s the less conventional desk that you can use while sitting down or standing up.

4.Office chair

A comfortable office chair is ergonomically designed to protect your back and prevent injury that may result from sitting for long hours.

5. Printer or scanner

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to stay paperless at work. Either you need to send someone a hard copy of a document, or you need to digitize a printout—in which case, a printer, scanner, or an all-in-one machine can be handy.

6. Headphones with microphone

Working from home may come with some distractions, such as noise coming from the TV or the urge to join daily family conversations. Noise-canceling headphones can help you stay in the zone; plus, with a built-in microphone, you should be able to listen and talk clearly when you’re in a video conference call.

7. File cabinet or shelf

Your desk may not have the space to hold documents, files, and other notes that may add up as you continue to work from home. With a filing cabinet or shelf, you can have a small storage space to hold documents, so you don’t have to waste time looking through piles of paper lying around. 

8. Desk lamp

At some point, you may need extra lighting to enable you to work day in and day out. Choose a desk lamp that can help recreate natural light in a way that’s not overpowering for your eyesight.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Beyond having the essential furniture and equipment for your home office, you also need to create a work environment where you can be at your most productive. Certain factors are vital in making your home office setup a highly efficient one.

  • A separate working and living space

Even if you’re working from home, you should still try to achieve a work-life balance by setting clear and definite boundaries. For starters, you need to establish a daily working schedule, including the hours when you’re supposed to be at your desk, have your break times, and finally “get off work.” Having a routine helps you organize your day and allot adequate time for each of your priorities.

When it comes to the physical space, a home office should be as far away as possible from the main living areas. This way, you can have the area all to yourself, without frequent traffic or noise that might get in the way of you working comfortably or quietly.

According to reports, 75% of those who work away from the office do so because there are fewer distractions. Remember, you have more control over how you create your workspace, so make sure you turn it into an ideal home office.

  • Economy of space

If you live in a small studio, condo, or apartment, you probably have limited space available to turn into a home office. This kind of challenge will require you to be creative in setting up your workstation.

One possible solution is to create a multi-purpose home office, where you convert some home furnishings for office use. Not only will you be able to maximize or economize whatever space you have, but you’ll also have a more streamlined home office design.

  • Layout

A floor plan or layout is vital in setting up your home office, as this will allow you to visualize where each piece of furniture or equipment should go.

For instance, you can’t have the electrical outlet and your computer at the opposite ends of the room, or you’ll find yourself dealing with an unsightly and unsafe placement of cords around your work area. The key is in identifying both the right size and placement for every item in your home office.

  • Personal touch

A nice, beautiful home office can inspire you to spend more time in it, allowing you to get more things done, too. Adding a few personal touches like your favorite plant, color, scent, personal memorabilia, or other decorative pieces can make your home office come alive and give an extra sense of comfort for you.

Inside the Perfect Home Office

Going back to the traditional office setup may take a lot longer than you would want to. So, while waiting for that time to come, you may want to start setting up your home office instead. Think about what makes you the most productive and happiest at work, and then recreate that kind of environment in your workspace at home.

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Jun 21, 2020 Fantastic Deals

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